by Dennis Kelly

Alma Tavern Theatre

in association with BOVTS

May 11th - 15th 2010


Director - Anna Girvan

Designer - Autumn Dawn Hoyle

Sound - Leigh Towler

Lighting - Jenna Prince

Costume and Make-Up - Becci Bulteel

Press and Marketing - Holly McGrane


Michelle - Alexandra Sorensen

Michael - Oliver Hoare


‘Passionate and compelling performance...

High-energy approach, in which items such as lamps, an ironing board and a basketball are used as props - and even characters... A strong and vivid showcase for some excellent emerging talent’

Bristol Evening Post

‘This difficult text has inspired a highly imaginative production and two great performances... Director Anna Girvan provides only the simplest of props (a paper hat, a toy umbrella, a flashing table lamp) yet ensures they are used to stunning effect’

Venue Magazine

‘the performance was universally strong: a wonderfully evocative and chaotic design, a rich and detailed sound and lighting plot - and two excellent performances. a dark play, wonderfully negotiated by Anna... I look forward to seeing their future work’

Philip Wilson, Salisbury Playhouse Artistic Director

Listen to a recording of a section of the play Contains strong language


Like mushrooms babies grow in rubbish…I know this to be the truth. Because I found one.

This evocative play explores the uncertain origins of a brother and sister, who have been born into a brutal and motherless world. Caught in a bubble outside of time, they question their dysfunctional upbringing with pathos and wit. Kelly's gripping text addresses themes of belonging and abandonment with sensitivity and beautiful artistry.